For Balder- (pronounced balderdash):
Balder- is a pseudonym used for both J.W. Jones and an everchanging collective of artists, mostly located in the Pensacola, Florida, that incorporate their talents into work such as sound pieces/improvisation, installation, and performance. Balder- can be reached for questions and booking through the here stated email addresses.
M-esque is an ep consisting of three musical oriented pieces, each with their own personal meaning. The spoken word heard in A Glow Beneath the Bubble Wrap was written by Sass Rogando Sasot, an activist/poet/photographer residing in the Phillipines. It was read by Erin Jobling and recorded by Aaron Clark in Pensacola, Florida, on June 13, 2008 along with An Endangered Sea Dragon is Pregnant and Purr 121.



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