Ergo Phizmiz


Ergo Phizmiz is a diverse and multifaceted artist, working across eccentric pop music, collage, radio-art, installations, and performance. His work is disseminated and presented globally on a regular basis across platforms and media, and his reputation as a typesetter and creative explorer is constantly growing. Some of the works Ergo have created include: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"M: 1000 Year Mix\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", in which sounds from the past 1000 years are submitted to an intense collage format, being recontextualised into a 3 hour composition; \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Phuj Phactory\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", a weekly trip through worlds of mash-up on legendary New York station WFMU; a collection of around 24 hours of exploratory sound-art for Resonance FM; the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" project, in which pop music of varying descriptions (Aphex Twin, the Velvet Underground, and contemporary R & B) were subjected to Amish-sounding acoustic and toy instruments treatments; and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Wholepole - The Discotheque of Erotic Misery\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", the first ever sound-art commission from an electronic based artist for BBC Radio 3\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Mixing It. A retrospective of his work across radio, CDr & vinyl releases, installations, and unreleased materials called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Nose Points in Different Directions\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was released by Womb Records in 2007. He has also released music with Sonic Arts Network, The Wire, LMC, Vivo, Match My Foot Records, Sonore, Soleilmoon, and Touch. His most recent release was a split-LP with himself succintly entitled \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' & \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Eloise My Dolly\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Forthcoming albums include a short-run CDr release with Cataclyst Records, a solo album of extracted radio-art on Soleilmoon, and an album of skewiff pop music \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Things to Do and Make\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" with Care In The Community Recordings, preceded by a single which features a cover of the Phizmiz song \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Food & War\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" by R. Stevie-Moore. Other artists Ergo has collaborated with include David Fenech, Felix Kubin, The The, Satanicpornocultshop, Safety Scissors, Jack Phoenix, members of The Bees, Vernon Lenoir, Twink, and Irene Moon. He has composed film soundtracks for Christian Marclay, Zenith Pitts, Martha Moopette, Erik Bumbledonk, and Namaiki. His longest running collaboration is with the composer & film-maker People Like Us, with whom he has released two albums, a 10\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" vinyl, an online archive of experimental materials, a podcast series, and most recently the single \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Withers in the Waking\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" on Touch. Places that have presented Ergo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s work in one form or another include Tate Modern, the Dutch Academy of Fine Art, the Royal Festival Hall, La Terra Trema Cherbourg, Kraak Festival, Worm, Extrapool, Teatru Ariel Transylvania, King\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Place, and Cologne Kulturbunker, and broadcast on stations including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3, KunstRadio, Resonance FM, WFMU, WRFL, VPRO, WDR3, DFM, Cherryade Radio, and Channel 4 Radio.



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