Ofir Klemperer


a miss understanding: it doesn\\\\\\\'t sound the same. its just a different thing that i did. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i grew up on: pink floyd- umma gumma, sound garden- super unknown, nirvana- in utero, beck- mellow gold, beasty boys- check your head, red hot chili peppers- one hot minute, phish- gunta, nine inch nails- downward the spiral, robert wyatt- rock bottom, mingus- the black saint and the sinner lady, miles davis- bitches brew, mr bungle- california, king crimson- red, tool- undertow&aenema, squarepusher- hard normal daddy, leila- courtesy of choise, shostakovich- string quartet no.8, wendy carlos- switched on bach, the books- lost and safe, daft punk- homework, rachmaninof- preludes and etudes for piano, yeah in this point nobody reads anymore so why the hell did i write it from the beginning? massive attack- mezzanine, mu-ziq- royal astronomy, dizzy gillespie- swing low sweet cadilac, nina simon- sings the blues, coltrane- love supreme, poul simon- the rhythm of the saints, nuclear rabbit- intestinal fortitude&vicuna, pixies- come on pilgrim, radiohead-... , zappa- ... , sun ra-..., don cherry- brown rice, ariel zilber- everything that he did, arik einstein & yoni rechter- avraham halfi, dikla- \\\\\\\"love, music\\\\\\\", shalom hanoch- violance, matti caspi& shlomo gronich, ziknei tzfat, tea packs- life in lafa, 16th gote, eviatar banai- first album, ehud banai & the refugies, hhh, mashina- monsters of glory...... oh yeah- john cage. stockhousen\\\\\\\'alle. bli bla bla bla. music is not necessarily something you hear from a speaker or from an instrument. you know, right? music can be even what you feel in your belly , and not what you hear in your ears.


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